90 Birds Battery Cage System for Layers

Today, I will introduce you to livi machinery battery cage system for layers.
Our battery cage system for layers are divided into two types: we usually call them A type chicken battery cages and H type battery cages. Battery cages system for layers in livi machinery consist of cage meshes, water pipes, drinking nipples, troughs and other accessories. The hen cage contains the top of the cage, the bottom of the cage, the grid, and the cage door.

battery cage system for layers
Introduction of our battery cages system for layers:

Specifications: a layer of 1.95 meters long, 35 cm wide, 38 cm high, a cage have five position. Each cage can raise about 15 laying hens. There are 6 cages in each group, and each group can raise 90 chickens.
Our whole battery cages all made of Q235 international steel wire, it is durable and has strong anti-corrosion function.
The battery cages system for layers guarantees users to use for more than 10-15 years.

battery cages

Most of the customer’s always choice of battery cages system for layers as long * weight * high = 195m * 35m * 38m, three layers weighing 45KG. One cage have five doors and one door can hold three chickens. If the customer chooses the scraper manure removal machine, I suggest that the three – layer manure trench is 1.8 meters wide, if it is four – layer, I suggest the manure trench is two meters. In addition, you can also choose other size of battery cages system for layers, such as the specification is long * weight * high = 195m * 45m * 41m, the three-layer weight 54KG, one cage is also with five doors, one door can hold 4 chickens, equal to one cage to raise 5 chickens. If you choose this kind of battery cages, the three-layer manure is recommended to be 2 meters, the span is wide, and the upper layer of chicken manure will not fall to the lower layer chicken.

If you are interested in livi battery cages system for layers or other poultry farming equipment, you can send e – mail to me, and i will answer your question immediately.